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Traveling smart takes preparation. Choosing the right seat, earning the right miles and of course choosing the right headphones. Don’t make the mistake of buying wireless headphones because you won’t be able to plug them to the airplane movie screens.

While the clunky over the ear headphones are very comfortable, they take up too much real estate in my carefully packed hand luggage. That’s also why the Pack of All Trades Laptop Backpack is my favorite. It fits under the seat, is incredibly spacious, laptop/ipad friendly and incredibly rugged/durable.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones is my all time favorite and I’m sure it will be yours too. It’s small, noise canceling, and super comfortable. The sound is top quality and so is the durability.

The Samsung and Android version is on sale HERE
The Apple version is on sale HERE

What are your favorite headphones for traveling?