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Choosing the Right Credit Card(s)

Choosing the Right Credit Card(s)

When it comes to use outside the U.S., not all credit cards are created equal. Many credit cards carry a surcharge that is levied when cardholders make purchases while traveling abroad. Known as foreign transaction fees, these charges can quickly accumulate for cardholders who travel often, even to the point of canceling out any rewards earned through spending.

However, foreign transaction fees are generally becoming less prevalent on today’s credit cards. Regardless of the type of card you are looking for, you can usually find one that meets your needs and also does not charge foreign transaction fees. These cards can help make foreign travel safer, less expensive and more convenient with their associated card perks and benefits.

My Favorite Credit Cards for Travel

U.S. News selected the best cards with no foreign transaction fee across a wide variety of credit card types.

Source: US News & World Report