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Prague is a vintage city oozing with history. If you want a idea of what the medieval times looked like, this is your city. In fact Prague used to be the heart of Europe all the way up until the late 1800s. Plenty to see and marvel at. Spend at least a day day in the old quarter and soak in its nightlife. Meet people from deep in Asia as well as well as all over Europe.

Much has been already written about visiting Prague so this review will focus on the hotel.

The Hilton Prague (not to be confused with the Hilton Old Quarter) is just a couple minute walk from the Florenc train and bus                  station. So vey accessible from the airport. If you don’t have a lot of luggage I recommend the Regio Jet bus from the Airport to Florenc. It costs only 2.60 EU each way or 65 Czech Dollars.

The Hotel is gigantic. It almost takes up an entire square block. When you walk in you’re greeted by its atrium lobby which will make you forget about the aging but beautiful architecture all over Prague.

Atrium at Hilton Prague

There are several Bars and Restaurants on the Lobby and Mezzanine Levels and there is a shopping mall right across the street. The highlight however is the Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar.

Ok now for the Room. King Deluxe Executive Room. Room 7064 about 5 minute walk from the elevator lol.To be honest, it’s a typical Hilton room with a gorgeous river view of Prague. Here’s what it looks like and here was my personal greeting 😉

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