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3 Reasons Why You Should Fly Around the World in under 80 Hours

3 Reasons Why You Should Fly Around the World in under 80 Hours

Here's Why:

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as doing your part in making the world a smaller place. 77 hours is all it took me. Mind you I was exhausted and smelly at the end of it. But there’s something unreal about going to the other side of the world and coming back within a matter of days.


Here’s why you should do it too.


  1. Most people don’t do it. It’s crazy, it’s spontaneous and some will say pointless. But circling the world like it’s a play globe reminds you that anything is possible.
  2. You’ll fall in love. With traveling. With exploring the unknown. You’ll start looking for any and every opportunity to break your boring routine.
  3. No Reason at All. Flying for no reason will show you how not everything you do has to have a definitive end. Do something for journey and you’ll enjoy it so much more.

So there you have it! If you need another reason then we really can’t be friends :p

The 10 Commandments of the Miles & Points Game

The 10 Commandments of the Miles & Points Game

So I’ve flown on 25+ business class flights on five star airlines, stayed at 3 different private villa hotels and have accumulated over 2 million airline miles and hotel points. All in the last 4 years alone! Oh and I make less than $40,000 a year… And no I’m not in debt.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve figured out how to use the credit card points the system to my benefit.

Can anyone do this? Yes. But it’s not for everyone. For real.

So you know when you buy something that has a mail in rebate to convince you that you’re actually paying less? Only about 15% of people actually go through the hassle to send in the paperwork. And even those who do, 99% forget all about it after they put in the mail. So now the company can claim they never got it and the chance of you following up are about 0-1%.

You get the gist. Credit card companies, airlines and hotels are exactly the same way. They entice you with loads of points, miles and dream vacation. But secretly they expect you not to maximize their value.

Case in point: Did you ever get a catalog of electronics from an airline excitingly telling you how you can “use” your miles for a brand new tablet? For like 120,000 miles you can buy a tablet that’s worth $175. Meanwhile those same miles can buy you an experience of a lifetime that usually costs close to $10,000.

So here are my 10 Commandments of the Mileage Game.
(If you can’t follow these, than this game is NOT for you.)


  1. Know the value of points you accumulate and how to get the most of them. Say you blow 50,000 United miles on a domestic first class standard award, this game is not for you. My brother actually did that a couple years ago and it still hurts me to think about it.
  2. Ignore all advertisements for credit card sign up bonuses with taglines like “miles you can use” or “that’s more than enough miles for a free roundtrip ticket” etc. (Yes, I’m talking to you Capital One!)
  3. Pay all your credit card bills in full EVERY month. The moment you start paying interest or late fees due to negligence or overspending, you cut up all your credit cards immediately. This rule is non negotiable!!
  4. Know what’s in your wallet. Every credit card has different benefits and bonuses, know when to use them and for what.
  5. DO NOT let miles or points expire. is a great tool to help you with that. Also before you cancel a card, be sure you aren’t going to lose the miles or points that card has earned you.
  6. Do not pay any credit card annual fee without getting some sort of incentive from the Credit Card issuer or if the benefits outweigh the annual fee. (You should still call for an incentive though.)
  7. Actively look for ways to get the most out of your miles and points. Promos, loopholes, and even mistakes. Also be sure to be on the lookout of devaluations from the airlines and make your plans before they go into effect.
  8. Do not jump on every offer or opportunity. Only zero in the offers that help you plan that dream vacation or give you the miles you need.
  9. The simple way is not always the best way! Like using 30,000 British Airways to fly British Airways Across the Atlantic is a terrible idea (once you notice the $500+ fuel surcharges)
  10. Don’t give away miles and free tickets to people who don’t value miles and points. They will disappoint you. (Yes it happened to me.)

Geeking Destination: Koh Samui, Thailand

Geeking Destination: Koh Samui, Thailand

Let’s restart our Geeking Destination! Each week, we’ll be sharing an awesome, under-rated, vacation destination!

This week: Conrad Koh Samui

This hotel is the perfect escape for those who like swimming in private! That’s right, each room (well, Villa really) has it’s own Private Pool! And not a small little plunge pool, we’re talking a whopping10-meter infinity-edge pool! Besides, the villa itself, deck, daybed, hot tub are all stunning.

The best part of this hotel? You can stay here from Free! As low as 80,000 Hilton Honor Points Per Night! Plus if you stay for five nights. the 5th night is Free! This Credit Card Can Earn You 85,000 Points! Plus you’ll get Instant Hilton Gold Status (Think upgrades dude!)

Room tip: Every room has its own Private Pool! Get one of the lower rooms to be closer to the beach.

How to get there: Airport code USM about a 50 minute taxi ride to hotel. Thai Airways (United and Star Alliance Partner) has two daily flights from Bangkok as does Bangkok Airways (Japan Airlines & Air France Partner) as well as non-stops from Hong Kong & Kuala Lumpur. Singapore Airlines has two daily (morning) flights from Singapore as well. The Koh Samui Airport is hands down the cutest airport you’ll ever fly to. I’m itching to go back just to see it again 🙂

From the USA, consider Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong (Alaska Airlines Partner.) Business Class on Cathay Pacific will run you 50K Miles each way or in First Class for 70,000 Alaska Airlines Miles.

Singapore Airlines (Transfer Partner from Chase or American Express) is my favorite option from JFK, Houston or San Fransisco.

How to book: Support us by using our Orbitz Link. Or you can sign up for the super awesome Amex Business Platinum (We’ll earn 15k points if you sign up) and use your points to book the hotel using American Express Travel.

What to do?
Honestly most of the famous Thai activities are better, cheaper and more authentic in Chaing Mai. Koh Samui is all about beautiful beaches, private pools and other worldly views.  

Recommended amount of time to stay in Koh Samui? 3-5 days.

Have questions? Need assistance? We’d love to hear your comments and help you reach this awesome destination.

Meet the World’s Nicest Pilot

Meet the World’s Nicest Pilot

Ok so maybe one of the nicest, but for sure the top 5. Meet Reid Worrel. He’s been an airplane enthusiast since he’ was 11 years old. He talks about flying like artists talk about colors. He’s just an overall pleasure to be around.

ZJ caught up with Reid last week and posed the following four questions:

Question 1. What made you want to become a pilot? I’ve always loved flying. It’s been such a passion of mine since I was young.

Question 2: What’s the largest airplane you’ve ever flown? American Airlines shiny new CRJ 900

Question 3: What was the most spectacular thing you’ve ever seen while flying? I got to see the Eclipse!

Question 4: What is your dream airplane you’d like to fly? The 757 is all time favorite. It also happens to be fuel efficient.



Ok so maybe one of the nicest, but for sure the top 5. Meet Reid Worrel, He’s been an airplane enthusiast since he’s been 11 years old.

Four Questions for A Navy Fighter Pilot

Four Questions for A Navy Fighter Pilot

See Also: What It’s Like to be a Pilot

Meet an American hero Fighter Pilot named Ron Townsend. From his innocent demeanor, you wouldn’t believe he’s flown F18 fighter jets at 900 MPH just a couple inches away from other fighter jets doing the same thing.  As a navy Pilot he’s landed on aircraft carriers in total darkness and in some very questionable weather conditions.

For our aviation enthusiasts, landing in middle of the open sea on a ship is just about the hardest thing you can ask a pilot to do.

ZJ caught up with Ron at a coffee shop and asked him Four Simple Questions. We like to keep it short n’ sweet. Enjoy 😉

Question 1: What was the most dangerous flight maneuver you preformed?

Flying very closely to other fighter jets at 900 MPH! We make it look easy, but one tiny mistake and you’re in BIG trouble. Also approaching the aircraft carrier at night without the visual aids is quite dangerous.

Question 2: What was the coolest fighter that you’ve ever flown?

F18 & The Mirage 2000

Question 3: What is highest amount of Gs you’ve preformed?

F18 7.5 Gs Mirage 9.0s (Mind you, most human beings can’t handle more than 6 Gs before they pass out or worse.)

Question 4: What made you want to become a pilot?

The Apollo and thunderbird show over Charlotte was just mesmerizing. I knew I had to fly one of those. I’ve been an airplane enthusiast ever since.

The Best Business Class Airline Miles Can Buy

The Best Business Class Airline Miles Can Buy

I’ve never flown International First Class. I tend to strive for Business Class. I know what kind of Travel Geek am I? All the Travel Bloggers out there seem to drool over the idea of a first class experience. The reason being is simply because, except for United & British Airways’s 777 (avoid those two like the plague)

Or you might get stuck in one of these they call Business Class ——->

I’ve never felt the need for more room or better service. I don’t need someone kneeling at my side every five minutes asking what they do for me.

Deep down, I’m dying to experience Cathay’s Best Bed in the Sky, Singapore Suites or even take a shower on Emirates and Etihad! But for now we’ll go with the former 🙂

Before we give you our top three. make sure to Sign Up for these 3 Points Programs! That way you’ve already taken one step towards enjoying a business class seat 🙂

So here are some of my best business class experiences I’ve ever had.

Toronto Canada to Taipei, Taiwan

Royal Laurel (Business) is the highest class on EVA so you have their full, undivided attention, it may also have been because the business class cabin was nearly empty.  Either way, I’ll take it. One of the best long haul flights I’ve ever been on. Quiet cabin, superb, attentive service but not too in your face. Oh, and the flight attendants practically knelt before us when they speak to us. Must be a Taiwanese thing. EVA’s amenity kits, especially the case they come in, are pretty awesome. The contents are all standard but the presentation is what takes the cake.

The only negative of the flight is that the Captain did not make ANY announcements.  Not before, during or at the end of the flight. All the announcements were made by the flight attendants. IDK why I cared but I just found it a bit weird.

Fun Fact: EVA Air has a few airplanes that are all decked out in Hello Kitty gear.

Japan Airlines 787 Sky Suite
New York JFK – Tokyo Narita

Not all 787s have the Sky Suite! So check HERE to make sure your route features the JAL Sky Suite.

If you’re traveling solo, opt for the window seat. It’s almost completely private. Seat is one of the most comfortable I’ve sat on. One of the greatest features of the suite is the entertainment screen and handset where you can order your meal/snack/drink anytime during the flight! Service was impeccable.

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can book the JAL Sky Suite for only 60,000 AAdvantage miles each way?


KLM 787 World Business Class
Amsterdam – Salt Lake City

KLM’s World Business Class IMHO is the elite of the european carriers. Not first class (that honor goes to Air France and Lufthansa.) But as far as Business Class service, I just loved my flight on KLM.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

Fun Fact: KLM is the only airline (that I know of) that gives each business class passenger a gift (pictured below) at the end of the flight.


So there you have it. My three favorite Business class products. (That I’ve flown) Other great business class include Singapore Air, ANA, Virgin Atlantic, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific (I did fly them but felt EVA Air was better) Qatar, and Korean Air.

Here is one card that can get you a one way ticket in any of those business seats: Chase Ink Preferred will net you 85K Chase points that can be transferred to United (for booking on EVA) to Flying Blue (for booking on KLM) and to Singapore Air as well!