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Hurry! 70% Off Lonely Planet eBooks!

Hurry! 70% Off Lonely Planet eBooks!

The best way to travel is to read up on your destination. Even if it’s just for business. Well now you can get up to 70% off all Lonely Planet eBooks!

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Choose from over 250 Lonely Planet ebook titles spanning countless countries and cities on every continent. You can even get a guide to Antarctica that breaks down more than 500 glaciers and where to best view any of the 40 million penguins that call the icy wonderland home. But not every ebook is dedicated to such far-flung destinations—you’ll find guides for Canada and California as well as Paris and Prague.

Lonely Planet’s eBooks come in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats, and may be downloaded on any device including ebook readers, tablets or smartphones.

Four Tips To Book Hotel Rooms Like A Pro

Four Tips To Book Hotel Rooms Like A Pro

Four Crucial Hotel Booking Tips!  Also check out How to Book Airline Tickets like a Pro

So I’m a sucker for hotel status. I just having an edge wherever I go. I want to get the best room, best service, and I don’t want to have to wait in line like everybody else. I know I’m a spoiled brat.

While you shouldn’t go crazy to earn hotel status, if you’re staying  in hotels more than 10 nights a year, you should definitely make it work in your favor.

So first decide which hotel chain works best for you. I wrote up about it extensively HERE.

Rule #1: Always book directly from the Hotel’s website. Unlike Airline tickets Hotels know where you booked your room and they punish you for not booking it with them as they assume you won’t be loyal to their brand anyway.  So unless it’s a stand alone hotel (i.e. boutique or non chain hotel) don’t bother with or

Rule #2: Even though you’re booking through the Hotel’s website, make sure to check Ebates and TopCashBack to see if they offer any cashback for the hotel chain you’re booking with.

Rule #3 Discount codes! Most hotel websites have a AAA rate. Not always cheaper  but worth checking. Hilton offers an MVP corporate rate that can be accessed HERE. Here is a comprehensive list of Hotel corporate codes. Please use them at your own risk.

Rule #4: Hotel prices fluctuate very often. So always keep on checking for lower rates. Even after you book! Most hotel reservations are cancelable up until 1-2 days before you check in. For e.g. in NYC during the week you’ll see prices above $400 for simple mid level hotels. But if you wait until the day of to book it goes down exponentially.

The Best Headphones for Flying

The Best Headphones for Flying

Traveling smart takes preparation. Choosing the right seat, earning the right miles and of course choosing the right headphones. Don’t make the mistake of buying wireless headphones because you won’t be able to plug them to the airplane movie screens.

While the clunky over the ear headphones are very comfortable, they take up too much real estate in my carefully packed hand luggage. That’s also why the Pack of All Trades Laptop Backpack is my favorite. It fits under the seat, is incredibly spacious, laptop/ipad friendly and incredibly rugged/durable.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones is my all time favorite and I’m sure it will be yours too. It’s small, noise canceling, and super comfortable. The sound is top quality and so is the durability.

The Samsung and Android version is on sale HERE
The Apple version is on sale HERE

What are your favorite headphones for traveling?


Why THIS Card Will Change Your Travel Life

Why THIS Card Will Change Your Travel Life

So here’s step two of this “Travel for Beginners” Series:

Get the American Express Platinum Business Card!

Why? Here’s Why:

  • Free Global Entery and TSA Precheck. I.e. No more waiting in lines when you enter the USA, and no more taking off you your shoes or fishing for your laptop when you go through security. Oh and the security lines nine times out of 10 are non existent.
  • Lounge Access: Get access to the Delta Sky Clubs, All Priority Pass Lounges, Aerospace Lounges and every seasoned traveler’s favorite lounges: The American Express Centurion Lounges (Pictured.)
  • 75,000 Bonus American Express Points – Transfers to British Airways, Delta, Singapore, ANA, Air Canada and many more!
  • 35% Points Back when you book travel with points.
  • $200 in Airline Incidental Fees.
  • Automatic National Executive Emerald Status – Like when you rent cars.

Yes, there is a $450 annual fee. BUT the benefits you get in the first year easily offset the cost. After the first year, you can downgrade the card to a no annual fee option.