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I’ve never flown International First Class. I tend to strive for Business Class. I know what kind of Travel Geek am I? All the Travel Bloggers out there seem to drool over the idea of a first class experience. The reason being is simply because, except for United & British Airways’s 777 (avoid those two like the plague)

Or you might get stuck in one of these they call Business Class ——->

I’ve never felt the need for more room or better service. I don’t need someone kneeling at my side every five minutes asking what they do for me.

Deep down, I’m dying to experience Cathay’s Best Bed in the Sky, Singapore Suites or even take a shower on Emirates and Etihad! But for now we’ll go with the former 🙂

Before we give you our top three. make sure to Sign Up for these 3 Points Programs! That way you’ve already taken one step towards enjoying a business class seat 🙂

So here are some of my best business class experiences I’ve ever had.

Toronto Canada to Taipei, Taiwan

Royal Laurel (Business) is the highest class on EVA so you have their full, undivided attention, it may also have been because the business class cabin was nearly empty.  Either way, I’ll take it. One of the best long haul flights I’ve ever been on. Quiet cabin, superb, attentive service but not too in your face. Oh, and the flight attendants practically knelt before us when they speak to us. Must be a Taiwanese thing. EVA’s amenity kits, especially the case they come in, are pretty awesome. The contents are all standard but the presentation is what takes the cake.

The only negative of the flight is that the Captain did not make ANY announcements.  Not before, during or at the end of the flight. All the announcements were made by the flight attendants. IDK why I cared but I just found it a bit weird.

Fun Fact: EVA Air has a few airplanes that are all decked out in Hello Kitty gear.

Japan Airlines 787 Sky Suite
New York JFK – Tokyo Narita

Not all 787s have the Sky Suite! So check HERE to make sure your route features the JAL Sky Suite.

If you’re traveling solo, opt for the window seat. It’s almost completely private. Seat is one of the most comfortable I’ve sat on. One of the greatest features of the suite is the entertainment screen and handset where you can order your meal/snack/drink anytime during the flight! Service was impeccable.

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can book the JAL Sky Suite for only 60,000 AAdvantage miles each way?


KLM 787 World Business Class
Amsterdam – Salt Lake City

KLM’s World Business Class IMHO is the elite of the european carriers. Not first class (that honor goes to Air France and Lufthansa.) But as far as Business Class service, I just loved my flight on KLM.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

Fun Fact: KLM is the only airline (that I know of) that gives each business class passenger a gift (pictured below) at the end of the flight.


So there you have it. My three favorite Business class products. (That I’ve flown) Other great business class include Singapore Air, ANA, Virgin Atlantic, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific (I did fly them but felt EVA Air was better) Qatar, and Korean Air.

Here is one card that can get you a one way ticket in any of those business seats: Chase Ink Preferred will net you 85K Chase points that can be transferred to United (for booking on EVA) to Flying Blue (for booking on KLM) and to Singapore Air as well!