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Meet an American hero Fighter Pilot named Ron Townsend. From his innocent demeanor, you wouldn’t believe he’s flown F18 fighter jets at 900 MPH just a couple inches away from other fighter jets doing the same thing.  As a navy Pilot he’s landed on aircraft carriers in total darkness and in some very questionable weather conditions.

For our aviation enthusiasts, landing in middle of the open sea on a ship is just about the hardest thing you can ask a pilot to do.

ZJ caught up with Ron at a coffee shop and asked him Four Simple Questions. We like to keep it short n’ sweet. Enjoy 😉

Question 1: What was the most dangerous flight maneuver you preformed?

Flying very closely to other fighter jets at 900 MPH! We make it look easy, but one tiny mistake and you’re in BIG trouble. Also approaching the aircraft carrier at night without the visual aids is quite dangerous.

Question 2: What was the coolest fighter that you’ve ever flown?

F18 & The Mirage 2000

Question 3: What is highest amount of Gs you’ve preformed?

F18 7.5 Gs Mirage 9.0s (Mind you, most human beings can’t handle more than 6 Gs before they pass out or worse.)

Question 4: What made you want to become a pilot?

The Apollo and thunderbird show over Charlotte was just mesmerizing. I knew I had to fly one of those. I’ve been an airplane enthusiast ever since.